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Keep adding water until it is no longer burning. Or use a spray bottle with plain water in it for such problems, but do rub the water in.

I started with 1 drop of the MMS and if there are detox symptoms, once they subside, I increase the drop by 1, each day. I sip on this concoction (it tastes terrible and smells like chlorine, but MMS is chlorine dioxide, a completely different substance) throughout the day, every hour, for 8 hours, to keep it active in my body. I’m working up to 30 drops per day and once there, I will take that for 3 weeks.

​(Updated 11/28/17 - I now use the HCL for any protocol that goes on the inside of my body and the Citric Acid for topical protocols.)

Sodium Chlorite & Chlorine Dioxide (MMS Protocols) Quick

Which the 'article' above apparently thinks, or fallaciously claims, you decide which, that "MMS"/CD is thereby "making you sick" or "harming you", etc. Sad that they are SO uninformed, and SO uneducated, and SO unaware, that they cannot even offer decent, valid, honest, truthful, and fact-based information to the public. Makes one wonder what else they are doing and claiming that is of a similar note, or even worse. (if you ever wonder where and why the phrase "Question Authority" comes from, it is situations like this)

In these cases, I would suggest that it is best to forgo taking supplements for two to three weeks, and possibly up to several weeks, depending on the situation. Because as I said, cancer cells and other pathogens can feed off good nutrition. You don’t want to do anything to encourage cancer or other diseases to live longer or multiply. The idea is to starve and kill the disease, not give it more to thrive on. If you have a major disease, as mentioned above, suspend or do not start any supplements as you begin taking MMS—try to give it time to sufficiently destroy the pathogens before adding in supplements.

( And while you do so, BEWARE the lies, propaganda, misinformation and disinformation spouted by pseudo-intellectuals, sub-intellectuals and agenda-mongers (and some outright fear-mongers and scare-mongers) who will try to misinform you, and steer you wrong, and who DO NOT have your best interests at heart, no matter how loudly they exclaim or proclaim otherWise. I don't mean to be mean, but they really are mostly sad, unfortunate & pathetic, hyper-ignorant, myopic, petty, troglodyte simpletons, at BEST. I could use some other choice words for them (partly deserved by them because they are ACTIVELY hurting people through their hyper-ignorance and worse, and hidden and not-so-hidden agendas — for some of them it even seems to be some sort of an ignominious hobby, of sorts), but I will refrain from doing so (here). Skepticism and objectivity are good things, but ONLY when they are used for good and in good ways. It is of utmost importance that you are warned about this very sad state of affairs and these unfortunate people. You have been forewarned. Don't try to say I didn't warn you. )

The following hour, mix up another CD/DMSO solution and spread it on your other arm. Repeat the next hour and do a different part of your body. Do one arm first, then the other arm, then a leg, then the other leg, then your stomach, and then back to the first arm, and so on. Use a different part of the body each time you apply the DMSO/CD combination. Do this once every hour for eight consecutive hours. Repeat this process once every hour for eight consecutive hours for three consecutive days. (It is fine to bathe or shower after completing the hours applying the CD/DMSO. Wait at least one hour after applying the last application. Thoroughly rinse well with plain water before using soap.) Then take a break. Quit from one to four days or however many days it takes to overcome any problems that may be caused by the DMSO (such as extra dry skin). After the first week you can use this topical application four days a week, or more, if there is no problem with your skin. If there is no problem, continue to use CD and DMSO every day, as long as there is no skin irritation. Anytime you experience irritation, cut back for a time, or you can add more water to the mixture.

2. For cleansing purposes, to detox and thus get rid of poisons in the body, which can then help clear up a number of health problems both small and large.