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Foot detox bath at home recipes.

Put your feet in a foot bath with a cup of salt and baking soda in warm water. Soak for about half an hour in this foot bath.

Foot soaks are relatively easy to prepare at home and work efficiently. Take a foot bath with fresh warm water with a cup of Epsom salt in it. Put your feet in it and soak for about half an hour. However, avoid such salts if any of your foot has an open wound.

How does an ionic feet detox work?

Who should and who should not take a feet-detox?

Ones suffering from feet inflammations or sore feet should avoid feet detoxification. Use it for tired feet, athlete’s foot, and rejuvenation.

Preventing inflammation Regulating and maintaining the pH-levels of the body Enhancing immunity against various diseases Maintaining and regulating hormones levels Significantly reducing tension and stress Aiding in maintaining a healthy and active heart Body-weight regulation.

The operation of the feet detox is dependent on the water content present in the body. The ionization of the H2O molecule takes place. The hydrogen ions combine with oppositely charged toxins and neutralize with each other and eliminated through the feet.