3. Restore.

Ultimate Reset: Expectations – Pre, During & Post.

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Review: A 3 Day Detox Plan - Brad

My Honest Ultimate Reset Review.

You are not allowed to workout. You are only allowed to do gentle activities, if any. All intense workouts and all weight resistance and strength training exercises are prohibited. For those of you who get overwhelmed thinking about starting to eat right AND exercise at the same time, this lets you rest a little easier and just focus on your nutrition for three weeks.

Ultimate Reset Detox | Team Beachbody US

You’ll also be eating 3 shakes per day, a fiber drink, and small meals of fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats! The program is designed to help reduce bloat, rid cravings and help you start eating healthier.

Drag: I am really having a tough time getting in all the water I'm supposed to be drinking. You're supposed to take your weight and divide in half and that's how many ounces of water each day you're to drink. I'm consistently falling about 20-25 ounces short. Damn, it's a lot of water. I feel like I'm floating!

What Should I Do After?