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3 Ways Coffee Can Help You Detox Your Body

“Research suggests that coffee,” Prof. Alexander notes, “may reduce the risk of liver diseases and it is important patients have access to dietary information and advice from healthcare professionals in a manner that is easy for them to understand and act upon.”

While studies had been performed previously testing for coffee consumption and its association with liver enzyme levels, one study evaluated effect of coffee in patients with risk factors for chronic liver disease: consumption of greater than two alcoholic beverages daily, positive serum HBV antigen, positive serum HCV antibody, transferrin saturation > 50%, elevated BMI, and uncontrolled diabetics[17]. This study demonstrated relatively reduced levels of ALT amongst these higher risk groups.

Coffee: The magical bean for liver diseases

However, the effect is so strong across numerous studies that this could not account for the entire association.

But, if you’re not in an at-risk group, having a few cups every day might be just what your liver wanted for Christmas.

Whatever the mechanism, as far as your liver is concerned, coffee can do no wrong. That being said, it’s important to chuck in a couple of important caveats: caffeine is not safe for everyone.

If you’re concerned about your liver function, book an appointment to see how your liver function can be improved. Make better, more informed, decisions about their health. Come in for an appointment and get started with an individualized treatment plan just for you.