Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review: The Shocking Truth About

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Rapid Clear Detox drink appears safe. It does not contain toxic ingredients or herbs which can be hard on the liver or kidneys. That’s the upside. Also, it comes in various flavors and has a lot of sugar so it tastes pretty sweet.

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Rapid Clear is a trusted line of products used by thousands of people for their detoxification needs. All of our Rapid Clear products have been publicly trusted and tested by independent labs to ensure the users has the highest quality, safest and 100% undetectable detoxification products on the market today. Our on-site lab technicians work hard to keep the Rapid Clear product formulas with the current science so you don’t have to worry.

This is one of the few reviews we have been able to find. It is not very credible. It comes from a site, detoxforless.com which is probably operated by the same company, 513 ventures, which operates RapidDetox.com.

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Rapid Clear Detox Drinks.

Rapid Clear Double Detox Drink.

These nine states ban the selling of adulterants. This gives wide leverage in deciding what an adulterant is. It can include the natural herbs and vitamins used in detox products if the goal of the product is to adulterate or fool a drug test: