The most common causes of death when detoxing from heroin are the problems that develop as a result of dehydration. After all, dehydration produces a number of potentially deadly effects if left untreated, such as:

The most likely scenario for death occurs when a person completes detox and becomes overwhelmed by cravings for heroin. Now that they are clean, their body is no longer accustomed to the drug. They may return to using the same amount that he previously did, and it can prove too much, leading to overdose and death. However, this is a death caused by overdose and not withdrawal or detoxing.

How could someone die during opiate withdrawal? The answer lies in the final two clinical signs presented above, vomiting and diarrhoea. Persistent vomiting and diarrhoea may result, if untreated, in dehydration, hypernatraemia (elevated blood sodium level) and resultant heart failure.

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Almost every person going through heroin withdrawal will notice changes to their mood. Specifically, going through heroin withdrawal may cause you to feel irritable and agitated.

Allowing a heroin addiction to persist is the equivalent of driving down a dead-end road. Doing so will bring you nowhere and the odds that you will die as a result of your heroin addiction are high. Getting off of heroin is imperative if you want a chance at living a happy, healthy life. Unfortunately, you have to go through withdrawal first, which (in rare cases) can be deadly, too.

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Unfortunately, those who find themselves addicted to heroin face the challenge of dealing with withdrawal symptoms when they make the decision to stop using. The pain that develops in response to the cessation of use is sometimes so upsetting that the idea of continuing to abuse heroin seems like a better option than experiencing that pain.

Can You Die from Heroin Withdrawal?

Also, clients may receive interventions that ease the worst of their symptoms, making detox more comfortable. Once they’re clean, they can move into the next phase of rehab, which includes various therapies. This gives them a solid foundation for lasting recovery.