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I’m new to juiceing fruits and vegggies, but how does this detox the body, I don’t under stand, but I also don’t want to gain weight so what do you recommend for me to try, I like sweets so any help is a plus. Iv asked for recipes to keep weight down protein up with sweet flavors but no one ever returns any can you please , I got apples , oranges, bananas , and spinach and flax seed turns to not much of a flavor but I don’t know how much of each so I just through all in lol skins and core is that good and do I add ice and how much maybe it flattened it cause I used water .

Just found your blog, very nice. I enjoy smoothies and your pictures are lovely. Best present for Christmas, 5 1/2 quart Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven in Fire. I am a happy woman.

Such a delicious way to mask your veggies :) It was sweet enough without adding any honey / agave (which…cough…I might *hypothetically* do to every smoothie ever).

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My favorite gift was from my BIL. The Yashica Dual Flex camera that his father purchased back in 1959. It will be added to my vintage camera collection.

Totally loved this!! And getting a bit run down from all the festivities, absolutely needed a big burst of nutrients! I make the green or pbj date smoothie every day, this is a great addition to the routine :). Fav gift, aside from family time… Blue crochet / peacock print infinity scarf!

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Ack! I only discovered the wonders of smoothies (or rather got the guts to try it out) *after* berry season – so sad! But I am very intrigued by this idea of adding tofu – have wondered what protein one could add. Do you squish out the water or just plonk it into the blender? This smoothie looks *so* delicious! :D.

Hi Castiel, this smoothie is intended to be a great addition to a regular eating schedule. You’re welcome to add protein powder if you’re looking to use it as a meal replacement. Otherwise, if you’re after a more rigorous, intense detox, definitely do some research to ensure a safe and healthy experience!

For the pomegranate and OJ, I’d like to use fresh squeezed. Do I change the amount? Can you recommend a sub for pomegranate if I can’t find it?