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So often, smoothie recipes will be loaded with sugar that makes you crash before lunchtime. I love a banana in my smoothie just as much as the next person, but I swapped it for avocado in this drink to get the same creamy effect while keeping the sugar and carb content under control. Don't worry, though. This green smoothie still gets plenty of sweetness from tart granny smith apple and fresh, juicy orange. If you're a texture person like I am, give your smoothie some extra blending time to really break down the orange pulp. Or, if pulp totally freaks you out (raises hand) you can always pour your smoothie through a mesh strainer to separate out any fibrous bits.

Hydrating and detoxifying, thanks to cucumber and lemon, this super green smoothie will kickstart your metabolism in the morning or give you a natural boost of energy in the afternoon. Add a tiny dollop of agave or maple syrup if you absolutely need it, and toss a few ice cubes in your blender if you like your smoothies extra cold.

There was a time when green smoothies totally freaked me out. They reminded me of that green slime from Nickelodeon. Remember that stuff? Years ago on a family vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, my younger sister was approached to be a contestant on the show "Slime Time Live." The producers also asked me, but in true Kate form I quietly opted out and shoved my much more outgoing and extroverted sibling into the spotlight. After the show, I remember her telling me how the neon green slime that had been poured over her head tasted just like vanilla pudding. I was shocked. How could something that looked like swamp scum taste good? I'm convinced that was my "a ha!" moment -- I absolutely love a green smoothie.

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Super Green Smoothie.

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