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What Is This Detox Protocol & Does It Work?

As for the sauna itself - I was surprised when Anita told me to turn the temperature down. Whenever I get in my Infrared sauna I crank the temperature right up to 65C. Anita told me to keep it down below 53 degrees.

As Dr Michael Schmidt points out in his book Beyond Antibiotics , a traditional sauna primarily encourages a water sweat in comparison to a fat sweat.

The Niacin Detox Program – One of the Best Detoxes Period.

Fast forward another year (a year where I got married, moved into our dream property and when my wife was pregnant) and I knew if I didn't do the protocol before our first baby arrived, I'd never it get done!

After my 2nd or 3rd day I had some really bad diarrhoea. I thought too myself 'this is a detox reaction'. But I soon realised it was actually a result of the drink I was consuming during the sauna session.

Bret Bouer – Sauna Detox with Niacin

In today’s world toxins are all around us: pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, residual medicine, and other drugs. Our cosmetics and perfume tend to be full with chemicals. Even our food contains preservatives and the packaging of the foods, think for instance BPA, contain chemical substances that are foreign to our bodies and that stop our body from doing its best work.

Other Factors Impacting Results.

Even better if you can find a full-spectrum infrared sauna like Sanctuary from Clearlight . Mid-infrared for instance improves circulation and helps to reduce weight and relieve pain. Near infrared on the other side helps with anti-aging, wound healing, and cell health. Having a full-spectrum infrared sauna gives you all benefits at once.