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- Wheat and gluten - Dairy - Fermented foods/condiments (such as vingear and soy sauce) - Alcohol and caffeine - Processed/refined sugars - Fruits except bananas (only for the intial three-week period) - Nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc. - for the initial three-week period)

By shedding the winter build up, your body will be ready to open up to embrace spring and summer, with a lighter mood, more energy and flexibility.

I felt 100% better after consuming wholesome food packed with nutrients on a regular basis. Let me tell you – detox isn’t easy as it requires effort and patience because avoiding coffee, dairy , eggs , sugar , processed foods and all the tempting stuff is bound to test your will power to the maximum.

Please note: If this is your first time, you might feel a little cranky and irritable after 72 hours have passed. This is a result of the symptoms of withdrawal and detoxification. Just keep yourself hydrated and do some light exercising. Remember to chew the food slowly and carefully as it helps in digestion.

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Step Into Spring With Marlene’s Mung Bean Soup.

Ok, we won't lie we were drawn to the simple Japanese inspired recipes first, but the idea of neutralizing our palates after the holiday glut of rich heavy foods also appealed to us. As we analyzed the items needed for the next 10 days we quickly realized the list of pantry items were already staples in our kitchen. Do you have hijiki or kombu or even a Japanese pickle press? We do! So delving right into the macrobiotic detox was easy, especially after receiving the bi-weekly Organics-To-You delivery.