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The length of time for the expiration date or "best used before" date depends on the type of product, as well as the brand.

Think of the liver as an inspection facility, deciding which packages are beneficial and which are not. When the liver finds something toxic, it first separates the dangerous substances from the blood (this is referred to as phase 1 detoxification). The liver’s second step, or phase 2, is to rid your body of the harmful compounds by carrying them away in bile.

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Traditional Medicinals is a respected herbal tea company that was started in 1974 in Northern California. They produce a wide range of medicinal herbal blends, as well as some unblended teas and herbs.

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Good to Know: All-juice cleanses are devoid of insoluble fiber, so they don’t optimally support your body’s detox-elimination processes, according to Seattle-based nutritionist Riana Giusti, MS, CN. “Fiber helps remove toxic substances that can accumulate in the colon and is an integral part of our bodies’ inherent and natural detoxification systems,” she says.

It includes liver-friendly herbs like dandelion root, ginger, kukicha twig, licorice root, lycium fruit (also known as goji berries), schizandra berry, and star anise. It also uses chicory root to "remove heat from the liver, stimulate bile secretion, and promote digestion."