HD Detox Vs Katya Lip Sync beattle - AS S02E07 Performance

This might be a controversial pick, but damned if this isn’t one of the lip-syncs I remember most. Just two queens being overcome by the emotion of a Robyn song and their own situation, and just breaking down (they’d been a team for the entire competition and were now forced to lip-sync against each other). It’s stirring, beautiful, and a reminder that lip-syncing doesn’t have to be acrobatic, athletic or visually stunning. It can make you cry.

But, seriously, this lip-sync is not only great – Brooke doing her blend of dance and art, and Yvie doing her own blend of high weird and high art – but it’s a clear showcase of where Drag Race (as very separate from the form of drag) has been and where it’s going.

Warning: video is free of any drama whatsoever, unfortunately living up to the title of the song. Instead, I suggest you watch Mary J. Blige’s 2002 Grammys performance of the same song, which is full of so much drama that Chekhov is spinning in his Moscow grave.

See above re: multiple queens onstage, winner lip-syncs, RuPaul songs. These two rank slightly higher because they’re better songs.

See above re: Serena ChaCha, but add in Penny Tration clearly not knowing the words to the song, which happens less often than you’d think, but more often than is acceptable. It’s a competition! Come to win, but be prepared in case you need to wig-toss your way out of a loss.

Detox vs Katya Lip sync for your legacy Step It Up Rupaul

Manila Luzon is one of the best performers this show has ever seen – and one of the rangiest. Even in her lesser lip-syncs, she’s proven herself to be able to dig into what makes a song tick and adjust her own full Farro Ham-style to match it. It always works, but sometimes it works better than others.

If you’re unfamiliar to the show and the internet, wow, let’s have a chat because your inner life is fascinating to me. But also here’s a rundown: drag queens compete in various challenges, usually based around performance or craft, to be America’s next drag superstar. It’s high camp, high comedy, high drama. It’s high, is what I’m saying.

One of the most joyous lip-syncs of all time. Not only does Dida Ritz channel Natalie Cole in her prime, she confirms herself as a contender here. It’s a perfect match of song, energy and performer, only marred by the queen she has to share the stage with, who has one of the least imaginative names of all time and doesn’t quite know how to match the effervescence that Cole (RIP) brought to every song she did.