WARNUNG Detoxic im Selbsttest + Erfahrungen …

Don’t think that you can survive off solely goujons and chips from Nubar . Yes, they are delicious, but ask yourself – are they nutritious?

Drinking may be a part of student social life. What is important is that each individual recognises how alcohol affects them - as it affects people differently - and takes responsibility for this.

Elevated tolerance combined with emotional compulsion lead to loss of choice. The person begins to experience loss of control over alcohol and becomes unable to predict the outcome once s/he begins using.

Detox (Feat) | DC Universe Online Wiki | Fandom

Don’t lose your phone in Diceys on Black Monday on the first night you go out in Dublin and spend half of the night crying trying to find it – oh is this one too specific? Just me? Ok, moving on….

Temporary memory loss occurs where the person has been able to function but is unable to recall details of behaviour and this happens on a regular basis.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. It is an increasing problem for environmental protection because the industry is growing so fast.

This piece of advice is number one for a reason my friends. In first year, there is a colossal amount of events and activities being thrown at you as you roam around campus, along with the constant event notifications on Facebook – there is no escape. It’s easy to get yourself caught up with everything, which is good, but you also need to keep track of what you are doing, what you are involved with and what you’ve already agreed to doing. I said yes to almost every society activity in first semester and almost landed myself in the burnout zone by Christmas.

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