Herbal Detoxes: Myths, Facts, and What to Know

Our detox capsules help your body to remove these unwanted toxins while you are detoxing, and also aid in reducing toxic build up if you carry on taking them once you have finished your detox diet.

Essential Detox by American Nutriceuticals was recommended to me by my integrative M.D. as an aid to detoxification. I have not experienced any negative side effects from using it.

This refreshing detox supplement has been combined with a number of all-natural and nutritionally advanced Super Greens.

Amount Per Tablet 580 mg Terminalia Chebula Fruit (Retz.)* Melia Azadirachta Fruit (Linn.)* Crataegus Oxyacantha Fruit (Linn.)* Gentiana Barbata Root (Linn.)* Ephrasia Officinalis Herb (Linn.)* Pyrus Cydonia Seed (Linn.)* Angelica Archangelica Root (Linn.)* Helianthus Annus Flowers (Linn.)* Tussilago Farfara Leaves (Linn.)* Trigonella Foenumgraecum Seed (Linn.)* Galeopsis Ochroleuca Herb (Lam.)* Primula Veris Root (Linn.)* Cinchona Succiruba Bark (Pav.)* Sambucus Nigra Flowers (Linn.)* Matricaria Chamomilla Flowers (Linn.)* Salix Purpurea Bark (Linn.)* Hyssopus Officinalis Herb (Linn.)* Adiantum Capillus-Veneris Herb (Linn.)* Althea Officinalis Root (Linn.)* Inula Helenium Root (Linn.)* Sassurea Lappa Root (Dcne.) (Clarke)* Mentha Piperita Herb (Linn.)* Salvia Officinalis Leaves (Linn.)* Robinia Pseudoacacia Root (Linn.)* Ferula Sumbul Root (Hook.)* Aconitum Nepellus Root Homeopathic (Linn.)* * Daily Value Not Established.


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Suggested Use: 1-2 tablets‚ 2-3 times a day. (The lower dosage for maintenance purposes). This formula can also be taken in form of a decoction (traditional way): 1-2 tablets in 3 cups of water boiled to volume of 1 cup; drink warm with honey for better taste.

Essential Detox by American Nutriceuticals contains a natural formula with helpful ingredients that promotes detoxification. It was developed by physicians based on traditional Tibetan medicines. These herbs include:

American Nutraceuticals manufactures unique nutritional supplements to support your immune system. Its high-quality products also promote detoxification.