More community-based alcohol detox services ‘needed in NI

How does a Specialist Type Consultation work?

The qualifications of the staff within the hostel Who the person is sharing a room with – are they active drug users? The chance of lapse or relapse in this environment The possibility of scripts being sold for other substances The length of time the service user will be residing in the hostel The number of other individuals also detoxing in this service What services are available to support the individual if they are moved from their current hostel.

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Progression Routes Initiative. (2011) Community detoxification protocols: benzodiazepines. Dublin: Progression Routes Initiative.

Wernicke’s encephalopathy is a medical emergency. In the event that a patient develops the above symptoms, urgent referral to hospital is indicated as it is a medical emergency with significant mortality.

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Alcohol Withdrawal and Alcohol Detoxification.

What is involved in a community detox?

Carry out liver function tests to determine suitability for community detoxification, as opposed to inpatient detoxification and to guide prescription of medications during detoxification.