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Marshmallow root works by coating mucosal membranes (such as the stomach and intestines) to protect from irritation and inflammation. This is why marshmallow is often used for conditions like diarrhea, heartburn, colitis, and intestinal permeability. As it contains soluble fiber it can also help to eliminate toxins in the bowels due to its bulking laxative effects.

You can brew fresh loose leaf tea at home or if you are after convenience, there are many formulated detox tea blends available on the market:

Detox teas are teas that contain various herbs that support the detoxification organs and more particularly, the liver. They are touted as effective remedies to bloating and even weight loss by cleansing the body and promoting detoxification. But are these claims really valid?

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Support liver detoxification.

The main focus of a detox tea is to support the liver in detoxification, no surprise there. Common herbs found in detox formulas include milk thistle and dandelion root.

Peppermint is a tummy soother that can help to relieve stomach upset and indigestion and even cases of IBS (4). It does this by relaxing smooth muscle tissue and reducing inflammation. Peppermint can also promote bile flow which binds onto toxins to excrete them from the body. If you experience heartburn you may want to avoid as it can worsen symptoms.

Today we will be talking about the many benefits to detox teas and how to use them to enhance your health!

That being said, many detox teas contain medicinal herbs that have been used for centuries to support human health and provide many health benefits. Instead of popping a pill, tea is a great way to receive these benefits!