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Whether or not these products work depends on what you want them to do and the kind of product you’re using.

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So products that claim to detox the skin aren’t really removing toxins from your body. Instead, they’re talking about removing things from the surface of your skin, such as dirt, excess oil, dead skin, oxidative molecules in the environment, and pollution, Dr. Petukhova says.

Some skin-care products make big claims—especially those that are supposed to detox your face. These things, usually mud or charcoal face masks, often have strong colors and smells that make you feel like they’re really doing something. And it’s true—they might really leave you with smoother, cleaner-feeling skin.

Are Your Products Harming Your Skin? Try a Skincare Detox

When it comes to charcoal, the evidence is not particularly convincing. In cases of poisoning or drug overdoses, doctors might have a patient ingest activated charcoal to draw the offending substance out of their body, SELF explained previously. So the thought is that putting it on your face will similarly draw out oil and other impurities, Dr. Piliang says. However, there really aren’t any studies showing that topically applied charcoal is any good at this.

So if you’re someone who already cleanses, moisturizes, and uses sunscreen regularly, there’s really no need to do a detox mask on top of that. “A clay mask may dry out a little bit of oil but there are other things you can do,” Dr. Petukhova says. For instance, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might find it more helpful to use a gentle chemical exfoliant or products designed to manage acne, like those containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoids rather than a detox mask.

That said, the simple act of putting something on your face and then washing it off will likely take some oil and dirt with it and may even exfoliate the skin a bit, leaving you with cleaner and smoother skin regardless. With a mask like this, you’ll get a good look at your pores so it might seem like some bad stuff is really being drawn out—but whether or not that’s actually happening is another question. “People really do think that [the mask is] drawing out these toxins and that’s not what it’s doing,” Dr. Piliang says. “A good cleanser would do the same thing.”