How to alkalize our bodies with lemon ginger water:

Now, don’t panic if you find the ginger flavor too strong to your liking. Simply add more water or reduce the ginger amount the next time making it. However, sometimes I put more ginger but can barely taste it so it can depend on the root as well.

A glass of warm or lukewarm lemon water in the morning will do wonders for your body! Especially now after the holidays when all of us (or most of us) didn’t really care what we ate because why would we, right? It’s hard to resist all those delicious meals, snacks and treats when you are surrounded by them! Isn’t it?

As for the lemon, add it right before drinking. This way you will get the most out of its health properties. Now how much you squeeze in your water also depends on your taste. In general, I use ½ a lemon for a glass of water.

However, last time the lemons were so sour that half a lemon was way too much so I reduced the amount to a wedge (¼ of a lemon). If you feel like this is not enough for you, simply increase the amount. You can’t go wrong here. The important thing is to taste the lemon in water.

How to Make the Best Lemon Detox Water | The Recipe Critic

And I personally think that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are good enough reasons for having the extra treats or seconds of your favorite dishes! What about you?

Like our skin has a certain pH level so does our body. And for the body to be healthy we need to maintain a healthy pH level by alkalizing it. If we don’t, toxins build in our bodies and this can lead to various health problems.

Body Cleansing Lemon Ginger Water.