2 Types of Private Alcohol Detox (Ideal Alcoholism Recovery)

For some, just the thought about these withdrawal symptoms keeps them drinking. It’s a scary proposition, but that’s what we’re here for – to help you get through this with our expert care.

If your GP refers you for treatment such as detox in an NHS-funded rehab centre, cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling, you may find yourself waiting on a list for weeks, months or even years, depending on the area of the UK you live in.

This method is entirely not recommended. It can be particularly dangerous because of the side effects which can be unpredictable. The person detoxing may find the side effects are just too much and they may abandon all efforts just to feel better.

Long waiting lists may mean your addiction worsens while you wait for treatment In some areas (such as big cities), you may wait longer for treatment Treatment programmes are generally less personalised than at private rehab centres You’ll have less choice over the treatment you receive and the location There may not be NHS support available in your area if you live in a rural area.

But you have to know that we're there for you no matter what. We can help you cope with the withdrawal, and our experts have years of professional experience to help you.

This type of detox is only effective when the person who is detoxing has full support available both in their home and in professionals who can be on hand for challenges along the way. The person will need to be away from all triggers that can cause them to fail and must start all over again with detox.

This plan determines how the medications are to be administered, and how long your treatment programme will last.

For the most part people are advised to go through detox in a facility; however, in some situations, detox from home is another option. The key is to be well prepared in advance for the process and one of the most important steps is to speak with a doctor or an expert in addictions to see if this is the right approach for you and your set of circumstances.