The news that your cancer can’t be cured can be difficult to accept. So, it isn’t surprising that some people consider using alternative therapies.

The NCI Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) coordinates the activities of the NCI in the area of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). OCCAM supports CAM cancer research and provides information about cancer-related CAM to health providers and the general public via the NCI website.

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Dr. Brusch, a medical doctor, had developed an interest in other natural forms of healing, his objective always the ‘well-being’ of the patient. He had set up the first acupuncture clinic to collect research data, and it was operating in his medical clinic when Rene Caisse arrived in 1959. He was the first doctor in the Western hemisphere to initiate a plan similar to Medicare within his clinic for those without money for medical help. He was extremely interested in herbs and their power to heal, which he learned from a long-time friend, a master herbalist from Lathrop, Missouri.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the U.S tested Essiac several times. Their testing found that Essiac had no anti cancer effects. One study in 2006 found that when Essiac was added to breast cancer cells in test tubes, it stimulated the cancer cells to grow.

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A commercial company now owns Essiac. Essiac is a registered trademark. Essiac Canada International is the only manufacturer that has rights to Rene Caisse's original formula of herbs.

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