Does Green Tea Detox Your Body? |

Benefits of Green Tea for Detox.

Research has established that green tea has the ability to combat or reduce risk of lung, colon, ovary, breast, and prostate.

Tea for detox, sometimes called ‘teatox’ helps the body to eliminate toxic waste, thus helping to enhance the digestive system, cleanse and detoxify the body, and aid at achieving weight loss goals.

Can You Detox from Drinking Plain Green Tea?

Using green tea to detoxify the body can be done two times in a day. First in the morning as drink for a pleasurable and healthy beginning, and once in the evening used as a colon cleanse.

Green Tea Detox Diet: Truth or Myth? - Healthline

In one study, participants who consumed catechins such as the ones found in green tea, saw decreases in body fat mass, body mass index and body weight, as compared to the control group. The catechin group also saw a decrease in blood pressure, in addition to lower cholesterol levels. (6)

As the colon is purged of impurities, it flushes impurities out of our bodies, clearing the path for better absorption of key nutrients. A colon that’s clean due to a detox tea regimen permits waste to also pass effortlessly.

Which Green Tea Is Best?