I asked Dr. Douillard what to look for in a good cleanse. He said that the most important thing is not the content of the cleanse itself—what you eat or drink during the cleanse—but rather any work done beforehand to address why you got toxic in the first place. The world has become increasingly toxic, and he explained that the body has a detoxification system that happens to use the same pathways as the digestive system. “If your digestion breaks down, so will your ability to detox,” says Dr. Douillard. “Weak digestion forces the body to store toxins in the fat, instead of properly processing and removing them from the body. If you force the body into a sudden cleanse, the liver—which is the detoxifier—may react and say, Why are you pulling those toxins out of my fat? I put them there for a reason! I am way too busy to process those toxins right now! And then it might never quite complete the process of moving the toxins out. As a result, many cleanses merely move toxins from one fat cell to another, and they may end up in your brain, which is forty percent fat.” Dr. Douillard went on to remind me that our ability to process hard-to-digest foods such as wheat, dairy, and fatty foods is reflective of whether or not we can detox well, and that if we experience our digestive strength weakening over the years, we are probably accumulating fat-soluble environmental toxins in our fat cells, including the cells in our brains.

If your New Year’s resolutions include starting healthier habits, a detoxification program may well be part of your plan. To achieve the greatest success there are certain foods you should avoid during any detox program. Below are the foods to avoid and some healthier alternatives.

Milk, butter and other dairy products should be kept to a minimum. For many people, cow dairy is difficult to digest and can impede the process of detoxification.

Avoid doughnuts, cakes and cookies, white rice and pasta. Wheat and other gluten containing grains in general are hard to digest and should be minimized. Grasses like Quinoa and amaranth and brown rice are healthier options.

It is essential that you stay well hydrated during the complete detox process. Drinking pure water all day long is recommended. Squeezing lemon or lime is a simple alkalinizing addition.

Foods to Avoid and Replace If Youre on a Detox Diet

Anything in packages not made by Mother Nature as well as soft drinks or energy drinks should be avoided. Fluid is so important during a detox so better to stick with filtered water and herbal teas instead.

Katie Fowler.

Well, the best way to make these sorts of goals a GO is by starting with a DETOX – to help rid your body of all the toxins it may have accumulated over the previous months. And what better way to kick off your goals than by joining the 7 Day Cleanse before beginning the next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge?!