5 Types Of Food To Eat When Detoxing From Alcohol

As a result, it will be a huge help for your recovery process and help your body get things back in order more quickly.

Be careful though as cooking L-glutamine destroys it, so you should only eat the vegetables raw if you’re looking for this benefit specifically.

Once you also take note of the fact that whole grains tend to be high in carbohydrates, you have a wholesome and beneficial family of foods that you should try to eat a portion of at least once per day, if possible.

The 9 Best Drinks for Detoxing - The Daily Meal

The loss of appetite can make the detox process problematic and difficult, as it will take longer to move alcohol toxins out of the body. However, foods that are high in fibers like the aforementioned fruits and vegetables help make it easier for patients to feel fuller quicker.

Diets are never easy, even when the struggle of alcohol addiction is not present. For the best comfort and health, however, considering these shifts in diet during the detox process can make or break your experience of fighting withdrawal.

What to eat and drink when detoxing from alcohol - food

Foods High in Zinc.

During your period of experiencing withdrawal and for some time afterwards, your body is craving serotonin. Giving in to it too often can simply cause one addiction to become another, as you get addicted to getting serotonin from a different source entirely.

Fatty Fish.