Moisturise your skin daily. You need to moisturise in the morning only. However if your skin is dry then moisturise at night as well. The Active Face Hydrating Gel is a water based moisturiser, that balances oil production while healing and protecting the skin. The Rejuvenating Face Cream is a more hydrating oil gel that nourishes the skin while infusing it with moisture and essential amino acids. Both our moisturisers are designed to melt into the skin – so the ingredients can get to the layers where they work. Sometimes, depending on the environmental conditions and your skins needs, you may have to layer the moisturiser. The means that you apply a layer of your moisturiser and watch it disappear, then apply a second layer and if this disappears as well, you should apply a third layer. Ideally do not use products that leave a thick layer of oil on the surface of the skin as it congests pores and prevents skin from breathing.

The Detox Face Mask contains not only Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt but also Fruit Enzymes and Neem to draw out impurities, reduce pollution and heal the skin.

1. Cleanse Twice A Day with the Correct Cleanser.

Skin Detox: What Is It & How To Do It? – SkinKraft

A good facial can clean out your pores. You may do a Home Facial using Active Face Cleanse Gel, Detox Mask, Active Face Hydrating Gel. We have a set of Skin Detox Products discounted to din 12,729.18 (Value £130) so you may detox your skin at home.

Our skin can sometimes be dry and dull and other times congested and breaking out. And we all know what causes this:

If your skin is feeling congested it is good to use a steam room or do facial steaming. If you don’t have a steam shower, it’s simple, easy, and totally free to make your own. Bring a pot of water to boil, then transfer the water to a bowl. Hover your face above the bowl and drape a towel over your head to concentrate the steam to your facial pores for about five minutes.

2. Detox Mask is Your Best Friend.