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I finished my 14 day Burn and Build detox prior to my son's wedding. Rick customized the program to compliment my needs as I have fibromyalgia. I accomplished my goals of getting into my size 8 dress and increasing my energy level in order to participate in all of the festivities.

So Impressed! 5.

I just completed my eighth Burn & Build Body Detox – and lost 7 pounds in the process. I have been using the Detox twice a year since 2011 (the first one you sent to me in December 2010!).

14 Day Detox | Jennifer Hanway

Clearing and Support Packs Single serving packet s containing multi-vitamins/minerals and herbal formulas. Fat cells store toxins , as you gently eliminate the toxins, your body can easily release the fat used to store it.

I continue to use various products that I became introduced to through these programs, and look forward to trying different items as my lifestyle and needs evolve. - John Ryan on Nov 23rd 2016.

14-Day Clean-Eating Meal Plan: 1,200 Calories | EatingWell

Rick introduced me to his detox program – I loved the Detox. within two weeks, my energy change was palpable, I was losing weight, and my post-baby middle was shrinking. - Marcia Gay Harden on Feb 1st 2016.

The 14-day detox is the perfect way to reset both mind and body. Thanks to this product I have more energy, my quality of sleep has improved and I have noticed an increase in strength and a reduction of body fat. Thank you Rick ! - Justin Flexen on Jun 19th 2020.

Since 2011 5.