I drove to the supermarket. I took a deep breath in and felt… different. It was almost like a spiritual experience. Every sense was heightened. My breathing was slow, controlled, and effective, and every breath I took felt like it was reaching the furthest corners of my body. I felt strong and revitalized. I felt reset.

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DAY 6.


Summary: On day 5 I was about a week out from my period and during this time I normally feel really tired and irritable but surprisingly I felt great all week! (I’m super excited about this because I can stay focused on upcoming projects and not have cravings for an entire chocolate factory.) I even felt like some of the juices were a little too sweet on day 4 so I enjoyed the extra green ones for day 5.

I clumped the last 3 days together not to cheat you, but to save time. They were the same – they were amazing. Yes, I looked good and felt energized, but something amazing happened on day 5 as.

Summary: Had a hard time waking up on day 4… I slept 8 hours but I think I could have easily gone for more. I feel silly writing this next part considering that I’m in Hawaii but I felt so cold all day… I even turned on a miniature heater in my office! (It’s common to feel colder than normal when on a detox program) I drank 64 ounces of water before 10:30am so I think I might have been a little dehydrated (that may explain my low energy yesterday). My energy slowly picked up during the day and I had a busy day so it was nice to have my food ready to go. I drank my dinner juice late in the evening so I had a little headache but I felt fine as soon as I drank my juice. At the end of the day I felt really good, I wasn’t craving anything and I was excited for the juices on day 5. I enjoyed an apple/cinnamon tea before bed and slept 7.5 hours.