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There were 7 packets of tea, meant to be taken on each day of a week. The recommended schedule was to take the Kashmiri Spiced Green Tea in the morning, Darjeeling Black Tea in the afternoon, Darjeeling Green Detox Tea in the evening and Chamomile Lemongrass Herbal Tea before going for bed. The tea took only minutes to prepare and the flavours and aromas of the teas were very distinguishable from each other and not very dominating too. It even came with a prescribed diet chart, which was to be kept an eye on for best results. Immediately after I started using them, I felt more energetic and active at the start of the day, fresh in the afternoon and at night, I enjoyed a sound sleep. It was a lot better than the liquid diet programs in which there are a lot of side effects. I started following the diet chart diligently. The 7-day detox program was so smooth and enjoyable that it didn’t feel like I am following a diet program.

Zoe’s 7-Day Tea Detox is a more effective detox program than the other liquid diet plans, diet pills programs and exercise routines!

Detox Diet – 3-Day & 7-Day Plan For Cleansing & Weight Loss

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Zoe’s 7 Day Detox tea is the best cup of tea!

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I’ve never looked back. I’m amazed at how well a tea program helped me lose weight. I started seeing results just after the week of using it. I felt my appetite getting calmed down, so essentially the 7-day detox tea program of Zoe helped me stick to a lower-calories diet plan. I feel that Zoe’s my cup of tea now and I would recommend anyone willing to lose weights and lead a healthy lifestyle to go for Zoe’s 7 day detox tea.

I had tried many diet plans and exercise regimens but I had to starve myself to get any results out of it. Then I came to know about Zoe’s detox tea programs. With initial scepticism, I decided to order and give Zoe’s 7 day detox tea a try.