Food To Detox The Body -

7) lower cholesterol levels and mitigate the underlying inflammation problems that cause cholesterol to accumulate in the bloodstream. Supplementing with spirulina daily effectively reduces blood serum levels of cholesterol, which means cholesterol is being deposited throughout the body where it needs to be rather than in arterial walls where it can cause cardiovascular problems.

One of the main sources of heavy metal exposure in the body is the result of dental amalgams that were regularly used in the not so distant past and were made up of 55% mercury.

Whatever your reasons for detoxing, asides from eating a healthy diet full of green vegetables, there are two powerful superfoods that have become increasingly popular in recent years. I am referring to Chlorella and Spirulina. Do you know what they are? Why are they classified as some of the most powerful superfoods around? And what, if any, are the differences between them?

Den Körper mit Spirulina entgiften & entschlacken

There is a lot about “superfoods” because there are literally thousands of nutrient-dense superfood options from which to choose, all of which contain a unique array of disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other healing components. But the one superfood that stands out among the rest — and the one that you should be taking every single day for your health — is spirulina, a special type of blue-green algae that is loaded with chlorophyll and a host of other life-giving nutrients.

In its dried form it is approximately 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fibre and 10% minerals. It is rich in antioxidants, including chlorophyll, lutein and carotenoids, as well as vitamins, especially vitamin B12 and beta-carotene, and it contains 20 amino acids, glycoproteins, large quantities of nucleic acid and CGF, among other things. This CGF, or Chlorella Growth Factor , which was isolated in the 1950s, is related to the special nature of chlorella’s nucleic acid.

Spirulina is low in calories and a complete source of protein. It has recently been linked to demonstrable weight loss.

Over the years, the World Health Organisation has used Chlorella in feeding programs for malnourished children in underdeveloped countries. However, supplementing and replacing other foods with mico-algae never did become a worldwide trend for most of us, that is, until recently.

Spirulina as a dietary supplement.