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Total Eclipse Assure Detox Drink [My Experience]

Assure Detox is one of the most powerful cleansing herbal detox drinks. This easy-to-use 1-step detox cleanser is specially formulated for people with higher toxin levels or large body mass. Assure detox is specially formulated for people with higher toxin levels who want to be clean the very same day. Assure Detox is the reliable way to detox. Assure Detox has a unique mix of herbs and minerals that doesn’t just remove toxins, it replenishes your body’s natural balance of essential minerals and helps support the liver, kidney and heart.

But what’s the truth about Assure Detox maximum strength? How you take it, what ingredients does it have that make it special, and is it worth the money? Basically, does Assure Detox work?

What Is Total Eclipse Assure Detox?

So somehow, GNC has got the instructions mixed up. For clarity, Total Eclipse Assure Detox maximum strength is a drink, not a course of tablets.

Total Eclipse™ Assure Detox® - Strawberry Mango.

The first bit of confusion you might get around what Total Eclipse detox actually is is by visiting the GNC website. On there, it’s listed as 32 fluid ounces. But bizarrely, when you look at the instructions on GNC for Total Eclipse Assure Detox, it tells you to take all four capsules with water.

Just like all the brands out there, you’ll read Assure Detox reviews and think it could be the answer to your prayers. Total Eclipse detox, in common with most brands out there, claims to be able to detox your urine so you can pass a drug test.