Detox with Limes and Lemons for better health and wellness

If you have ever wondered this question, the answer is yes. There are also several ways to freeze lime juice.

How to Make Detox Water:

Lime Cucumber and Mint Detox Water – Detox Recipes

Works on your pH level The acidity in our body can be harmful and lemon water can help reduce this. Though lemon has citric acid, the nutrients and minerals in it are alkaline in nature. Citric acid is not a strong acid and so, is easily removed from our bodies by elimination processes like perspiration. Lemon, however, stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate that neutralises other strong acids in the body. This is helpful, especially if your diet is heavy in proteins like meat and cheese. Experts say lemon can help change the pH balance of the blood and can also help in dealing with urinary tract infections.

9. Lowers blood sugar.


This delicious Detox Lime Infused Water Recipe is a great way to help your body detox for springtime or any time. Lime juice helps stimulate, as well as regulate the digestive tract. And besides all the great benefits – LIME WATER JUST TASTES GOOD! It's also very simple to make. Let's go!

Vitamin C. Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C — a nutrient that helps boost the immune system and protect your body against infections and disease. Additionally, vitamin C stimulates the absorption of iron, a mineral that plays a fundamental role in immune function. Skin health. Lime water is widely considered a remedy for many kinds of skin problems such as acne, rashes, and blemishes. Not to mention the antioxidants and vitamin C found in lime may keep those wrinkles at bay and boost collagen production, hence smoother, healthier skin.

A recent study in Nutritional Epidemiology showed that people who drank more water instead of sugary drinks, such as soda or juice, improved their diet.