Pure Detox: Superfood Detox Cleanse Supplement Powder

Spring Clean Your Body: 3 Easy Detox Drink Recipes.

1 inch fresh ginger root or 1 ginger tea bag 8-16 ounces pure filtered water 1-2 tsp Organic Carrot Juice Powder 1-2 tsp Organic Beet Juice Powder Raw honey to taste.

Pure Detox Instructions - Detox Drinks & One Hour


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Our Organic Beet Juice Powder is delicious and adds a nice complement to the sourness of the kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented masterpiece for your gut — teeming with healthy "good" bacteria that can improve digestion, modulate a healthy immune system, and more. Beets are rich in healthy liver nutrients that support natural detoxification.


Follow these steps to ensure your satisfaction: Drink the entire contents of the bottle. Wait 15 minutes, fill the bottle with water and drink at a comfortable yet consistent pace. Pure Detox starts to work immediately. Your cleansing and detoxification process has begun! Be sure to urinate frequently. Urinate 3 or 4 times after consuming Pure Detox to eliminate toxins. The beneficial results of Pure Detox last for up to 6 hours.