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Thanks to the research of the European naturopaths, fasting has gained an entirely new dimension over the years. Before these findings, fasting was mainly associated with religious asceticism. The methods invented by Schroth , Mayr , Kneipp and Buchinger have evolved into modern cures, however the principles of the treatments have been remained the same. The main principles of the cures inspired all kinds of fasting and detox cures which became popular in Europe and in the rest of the "Western" world. The original cures are available primarily in detox retreats in Germany , Austria and Hungary.

J. Schroth – the Schroth Cure (wine, body wraps, water and exercises) F. X. Mayr – originally simple milk & bread fasting, now a modern cure S. Kneipp – hydrotherapy (water therapy ) and balneotherapy (bathing therapy) O. Buchinger – juice fasting.

Europe is the best place for a Detox Retreat based on the teachings of the masters of therapeutic fasting:

10 of the Most Effective and Intensive Detox Retreats

Detox Retreats.

The top 4 detox retreats you’ll want to experience in 2022

At our detox retreats you can take a step back from everyday life and get rid of accumulated toxins in your body. A stay at a detox retreat will help your body to gain vitality and new energy as well as strengthening your mind and allowing you to regain emotional balance.

Western Detox.

The most popular Ayurvedic cure is Panchakarma , which literally means five actions (for purification). Panchakarma is a complex, individual detoxifying cure with treatments and diet which match the patient’s type of constitution. Ayurvedic recipes for dishes, cosmetics and medicines vary depending on the region where the detox retreat is located. India and Sri Lanka are the prime destinations for original cures, however we also offer several authentic Ayurvedic cures in Europe.