20 powerful herbs to use for a full-body detox - Wellbeing

Your body needs continuous nutritional support for ongoing detox, so eating a healthy, balanced diet full of whole, unprocessed foods is a vital step in lightening your toxic load. As a complement to a wholesome diet and regular exercise, you might consider incorporating some of these herbs, known for their detoxifying properties.

Virtually no part of the dandelion plant goes to waste as the root, leaves and flowers are all edible and used for therapeutic purposes. Try steeping the roots to make dandelion tea, sautéing the flowers as a side or adding the raw leaves to your favorite salad.

1) Milk thistle.

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Burdock is high in fructo-oligo-saccharides or FOS, which will eliminate the bacterial pathogens that can build up in the gut. Additionally, burdock increases saliva and bile secretions to help break down, bind and excrete toxins from the body.

What’s in your cupboard? While nobody was prepared for the effects of the current pandemic, it’s possible you have some naturally healing herbs and spices that can help you detoxify your body at home. They won’t cure coronavirus, but they can cleanse your system to help you stay strong.

11 Natural Detox Methods.