Bentonite Clay Bath: A Guide to Detox - The Salt Box

How to prepare the clay:

How you I know when I “need” a clay bath?

A clay detox bath is my go to when I feel “toxic” or blah. I can’t live without it. Let me share my clay detox secrets…

How To Take A Detox Clay Bath - Natural Remedies Mom

So I mixed up an all-natural detox bath, tried it out, and loved how I felt afterwards. And today I’ll be sharing my detox bath recipe with you, so you can enjoy the benefits, too!

A salt bath is one of the oldest forms of detoxification and is a great option to help you relax and de-stress. Sea salt and Epsom salt naturally pull toxins out of your body; salt also soothes irritated skin and gives you a boost of energy.

Through the sweat glands, skin also serves as part of the excretory system and is very important for removing toxins from the body. Now, the liver and kidneys definitely take center stage when it comes to detoxification, and sweating only accounts for about 1% of detoxification – but this 1% shouldn’t be taken for granted.