■ A part of the book is dedicated to the benefits of fermented foods, which the author believes are superfoods, “more beneficial than anything you can do for yourself on a beauty, weight and health level".

5:2 Diet Photos: 600 Food Photos, 60 Low-Calorie Recipes & 30 Snack Ideas by Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia, Chello Publishing, £9.99.

New to juicing? Here’s your go-to guide to incorporating juices into your everyday diet: the debut title from Roots & Bulbs founder Sarah Cadji. Pure: Juicing for Life includes juice recipes for every time of day, ranging from shots for a boost in between meals to energy-packed mealtime replacement juices. There are also recipes for specific solutions like improving skin or losing weight.

Book review: The Detox Diet.

This is not a demanding, complicated program that leaves you hanging after you’re finished reading—this is a lifestyle manual that will help you form healthy eating habits that last the rest of your life.

Detox Diet Book: The Detox Diet Guide for Detoxing for

After The Beauty Diet and The Love Diet, Sabherwal has come out with her third book, The Detox Diet, which sheds light on the importance of gut health and ways to improve it. Here are some reasons for reading the book:

Much of the book is devoted to explaining, in simple words, what gut flora (the trillions of bacteria living in our digestive tract) is and why we need a good inner ecosystem.