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Does a colonic hurt?

I didn’t answer. A lady sat opposite me in the waiting area caught me dithering on the question. “I put fat sausage!” she said proudly.

I was handed a form to fill in. At the top was the usual name, address, phone number stuff. And then there were some more personal questions, including: “How would you describe your stools?” To which the answer is “through the medium of dance”. If my shits did internet dating they would describe themselves as “Shy but outgoing after a few drinks”. But there wasn’t a box for that, it’s almost as if they hadn’t considered poos going dating. The only options were:

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But oral home remedies are also available and have become popular, especially over the Internet. Now researchers from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. say there's no evidence any of these colon cleansing treatments work and, in fact, when used improperly can cause cramping, kidney failure and in some extreme cases, death.

What do acupuncture needles feel like? How long does botox actually last for? How embarrassing is colonic hydrotherapy? There are certain treatments that you’ve heard loads about, but you don’t really know what happens during the appointment, whether it hurts or if it’s really even for you? In this new franchise, we aim to try and clear things up for you See this as your one-stop resource for treatments on trial.

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How often should you get a colonic?

Because I weathered the shit storm without an umbrella so you can go forth into the scary, intimidating world of getting your colon cleansed prepared.

‘If the colonic microbiome is depleted, it can cause the gut wall to become permeable - and one big area of concern is cirrhosis of the liver, or inflammation of the liver. When people talk about alcohol causing inflammation of the liver, the reason it causes this is because alcohol increases permeability of the gut and lets the bugs from the gut into the rest of the body.’ So if you’re constantly flushing out the bacteria in your colon, you could increase the chances of ‘bugs’ getting into places they shouldn’t.