Guide to Creating the Ultimate Detox Smoothie | Healthy

According to Trifecta Nutrition , the main keys to a successful detox of your body, which usually results in some weight loss, are to:

a) Ginger.

Want to reset your body with a detox smoothie ? These delicious detox smoothie recipes feature a variety of ingredients and colors that will bring the spring back to your step.

How to make a detox smoothie.

Cilantro is heavy metal’s arch nemesis. According to the Baseline of Health Foundation , cilantro changes the electric charge on intracellular deposits of heavy metals to a neutral state, which relaxes their tight bond to body tissue, freeing them up to be flushed from the body.

More specifically, you’re likely to experience tiredness, lack of energy, food cravings, and crankiness. Afterwards, though, most detox fans report feeling “cleaner” and healthier.

Best Detox Smoothies (+ 3-Day Cleanse Plan)