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In addition to these figures, a study published in 2017 also identified that traces of cannabinoids could remain in sweat for 7–14 days.

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It is also possible for cannabis to act as a ‘gateway drug’, meaning that people who try it as a ‘soft option’ may consequently begin to look for a different trip or a more powerful high from harder drugs such as MDMA, cocaine or ketamine. This is likely if they purchase cannabis from a drug dealer who also sells class A drugs. Over time, the dealer may attempt to sell them other drugs in addition to cannabis.

Marijuana Detox | How To Detox From Marijuana

Different strains of marijuana may contain varying amounts of cannabinoids, which can affect how long they remain in a person’s body.

If a person wants to detox from marijuana, they will need to flush out or wait until the final traces of marijuana have left the body. Until this happens, they may also test positive in drug screening.