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It is possible that an enormous feeling of weakness and also physical complaints such as headaches, indigestion, or circulatory problems may occur.

Every diet is a challenge and a chance for the body to which it must first get used. In most cases, the detox diet, in particular, is a particularly radical intervention in eating habits.

If you take in liquids over a more extended period instead of eating a full diet, you will lose bodyweight. It is entirely accurate. Of course, you lose a lot of weight quickly if you only consume the few calories that come together through juices and vegetable soups over a more extended period.

How long does the Detox Diet last?

Otherwise, depriving the body of the energy that it gains from food can cause severe side effects. Instead of a successful diet, you may suffer from poor circulation or diarrhea, etc. So caution is called for here.

Side Effects of the Detox Diet and How to Stop When Very

The disadvantages of this diet are the discomfort it can cause and the fact that a detox diet is tough to maintain. The moods and the desire to bite something are usually more reliable than the will to go through the menu.

Menu for the successful Detox Diet.

What is a detox mask?