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My favorite Juice Cleanse Recipes that make for a great juice cleanse and full body reset.

We may currently be experiencing "peak juice", but the practice has been around for decades. In the 1930s, the British-born alternative-health practitioner Norman Walker invented the cold-pressed Norwalk juicer, which is still available.

Easy Super Green Veggie Juice Detox with Lemon.

The Best Detox Juices for your Skin - oneHOWTO

"But when you juice, this gel can't be formed." The result is a spike in blood-sugar levels. "If you look at the blood-sugar rise after eating an apple compared with drinking apple juice, the latter creates a much higher rise," Lustig says.

The juice detox: so is it all just pulp fiction?

14 Day Juice Detox To Lose Belly Fat | Vida Lyfe

The claims made by juicing proponents are as big as the money involved: these elixirs can purportedly do anything from aiding weight loss and helping skin conditions to curing arthritis and cancer.

How long should you do a juice cleanse?

"Proper cleaning requires hot soapy water and a good scrub," warns Safefood. It adds: "Chopping boards are also guilty culprits when it comes to harbouring bacteria. Cracks and grooves caused by knives can be home to nasty bacteria."