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Detox Drinks: Gesunde Fitmacher für mehr Power …

Have you ever heard of the “Master Cleanse”? It’s this 10-day detox where you consume nothing but a special drink (more on that in a moment), salt water, and an herbal, um, “cleanse” (aka laxative). I did it twice in my early 20s and it was an interesting experience, to say the least. I did lose weight and felt kind of awesome for going 10 days without food, but it was pretty torturous. I wouldn’t recommend it!

Lots of people turn to lemon water to detox and clean out their system, unfortunately lemon juice is high enough in carbs that a few glasses of the stuff could easily add up to half your carbs for the day. Because this Keto Ginger Lemon Detox Drink is made primarily with lemon zest for flavor and essential oils, there aren’t a lot of carbs.

The problem with most homemade detox drinks with apple cider vinegar is. well, the taste leaves a bit to be desired.

Lemon and cucumber detox water.

Don’t be confused by the name — this is not meant to be used for an extended detox like the Master Cleanse. It’s meant to supplement your regular keto meals and is ideally used in the morning as a replacement for breakfast . I named it a “detox water” because of the benefits of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, which I’ll tell you about later in the post.

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Benefits of Lemon Juice.

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