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Good Health Total Body Cleanse Detox is a two part liver and bowel detox kit designed as a seven day rapid detox or a one month gradual cleanse, depending on your lifestyle and condition. The two part pack consists of Multi Cleanse and Multi Fibre .

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Body Cleanse™

Multi Fibre(per capsule) Ulmus rubra stem bark inner powder(Slippery Elm) 100mg Chlorella Vulgaris whole plant powder(Chlorella) 50mg Beta vulgaris root juice powder(Beetroot) 100mg Malus Domestica(Apple) fruit fibre(Providing Pectin) 20mg Linum Usitatissimum Seed Powder(Flaxseed) 200mg Psyllium Husk Powder 200mg.

Body Cleanse™ will be effective without restricting your diet.However, to maximise its effectiveness we recommend you follow our food and lifestyle recommendations:

I have used this product on and off over many years. I don't do it to lose weight and so don't follow the eating plan, but feel it keeps things ticking along well and gives me a sense of wellbeing. I eat very healthily anyway but it is a good kick start if wanting to give up alcohol for a while or "re-set" other bad habits.

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