The Top 8 Leaks From Dr. Dres Aborted "Detox" Album

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The reason we used to get so much Dre music is pretty simple: money. He used to need it. While in his first group, electro song and dance act World Class Wreckin’ Cru, he often didn’t make enough to pay rent. Even during his time with Ruthless Records – home of NWA, where he was the in-house producer – he didn’t make what he should have. Again, upon leaving Death Row, the label he co-founded with Suge Knight, he was screwed out of the spoils. Only after establishing his own label Aftermath and signing Eminem did Dre get rich, and only after his headphone company Beats blew up did he get really rich.

In a candid interview with The Herald Sun, Dr. Dre collaborator DJ Quick says he doesn't believe "Detox" will ever see the light of day. "I think he's kind of over it and rightfully so," Quick says. "He doesn't have to prove to anybody that he can make a hot record."

Ice Cube appears on Philadelphia's Power 99 and reveals that Dr. Dre's "Straight Outta Compton" soundtrack will drop Aug. 1. "It's mega," Cube says. "It's Dr. Dre, it's what everybody's been waiting for." However, Rolling Stone reports Dr. Dre will officially announce the album on his Aug. 1 Beats radio show and the soundtrack will drop sometime later this summer.

Detox: A Timeline of Dr. Dres Great Unfinished Album

“[Dre] won’t let anything that already wasn’t potentially a 10 to even get recorded,” Parker said. “I feel like one day, he’s gonna wake up and say, ‘Today’s the day, I’ll put it out,’ because the music has been there.”

Detox’s first expected delivery date was 2003, and at the end of 2010 he was even on the XXL cover with the headline: “Yes, Detox Is Coming.” This was shortly after the release of Under Pressure, with Jay Z, which was supposed to be Detox’s lead single, but it was poorly received. Then came I Need a Doctor, which was a hit: it went double platinum and was the second-highest charting single of his career (No 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100). But critics gave it a hard time, as did people like Dre’s longtime close collaborator DOC: “I think the pattern of the drums is old,” he told me at the time, dismissing it. The song did reveal some insight into Dre’s psyche, however, as he rapped: “You can kiss my indecisive ass crack, maggots.”

During an interview earlier this week, Ice Cube confirmed Dr. Dre would finally release a new album. While the project won't be "Detox," it will be a soundtrack to the forthcoming N.W.A. biopic and feature new music produced by Dre and inspired by the film.

The rapper and producer’s long-awaited album is probably never going to see the light of day, but with his ever diminishing returns is that a bad thing?

Let’s not get our hopes up though. Detox was supposed to feature a hall of fame’s worth of artists, including Eminem, Jay Z, Rakim, Snoop and Kendrick, but we will probably never get to hear it. So let’s stop asking when Dre’s going to release an album and start asking a different question: what the hell is going on with this guy?