Getting Meth Out of Your System | Detox & Supplementation

Crystal meth can be smoked, snorted, or injected. Intravenous users who reuse or share needles also put their lives at risk of contracting an infectious disease.

Getting Help Today Starts with a Phone Call.

It is often best to go through the meth detox and withdrawal process under the supervision of trained professionals.


Normally, meth withdrawal may cause you to have difficulty thinking clearly. Quitting meth ‘cold turkey’ can even worsen the process further. This is because quitting methamphetamine all at once using the ‘cold turkey’ method is followed by severe withdrawal symptoms. Instead, tapering doses can help you reduce the intensity and severity of your meth withdrawal symptoms.

Learning How to Detox from Meth Safely and Comfortably

Taking into Account Physical Health during Withdrawal.

As far as treatment plans go, there are a few to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and what will be best for you or your loved one. One of those is residential treatment, which entails staying in a treatment centre for as long as six months or more. There are short-term residential treatment programmes available, where you may only have to stay in a treatment facility for three to six weeks.

Transition Into Further Treatment.