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Shirodhara - pouring oil over your forehead (reduce anxiety, stress, improve sleep and relaxation, balancing hormonal system)

Your best bet for Corona free and safe holidays these days are outdoor holidays. With its mountains, canyons, rivers and National parks, Croatia is nothing short of heaven! Lovers of the great outdoors and those wishing to have healthy holidays are in for a treat. The thing about Croatia is this: “ take France, Spain, Italy, and all other best European tourist destinations, put them in a box together, and you have Croatia ” - as one of the guests put it.

Detox holidays in Europe with Yoga, Tennis and wellness.

Top 10 Juice Detox and Wellness Retreats in Europe

Also, you will learn principles of healthy eating, wellness, detox meal plan. And how to live a happy lifestyle.

Our detox retreat is built around the idea that we are all different. And so should our detox be. Upon arrival, we will perform Ayurvedic diagnostics. Ayurveda consultation will determine your individual plan and program during detox week. After consultation with you, we will create a detox your personal detox plan. This will tackle your health issues and general well-being.

After completing a four-year program, he received the title of B. S. Ayurveda from the International University of Yoga and Ayurveda. He trained at SDM Ayurvedic University in Udupi, Karnataka and in private. His mentors were the esteemed Dr. Mr. Srinivas Achary and Dr. Muralidar Ballal. There he discovered a somewhat forgotten and mystical knowledge called Rasayana (Rejuvenation). His wish is to bring Rasayana, a therapy with fast results and exceptional features to Europe.

Now that the borders are opening up, the most repeated travel question is the same - where should we travel next?

Detox plan to kick start your post lockdown recovery on detox holidays in Croatia.