What you drink can have a big impact on the extent of your allergic rhinitis symptoms. From herbal teas to fruit juices find out which could help you most.

Fasting drink During the preparation, the actual fast and for five days afterwards, a fasting drink should be taken throughout the day. This drink helps to keep the body strong and balanced through the fast. Ghee (clarified butter) should also be taken internally to induce the elimination of aam (toxins).

Bioforce offers a basic dietary guide for the detox. Caffeine is to be avoided, as is red meat, white flour, white sugar and alcohol. Dairy products should be limited. Brown rice is recommended.

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Detox diary: an inside story.

The 10-day programme of herbal preparations devised by Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel aims to "stimulate your body's natural filtering and detoxifying functions". Combined with a sensible diet, it promises to "eliminate the toxins that have been slowing you down".

Always use good quality essential oils, we recommend the Absolute Aroma range. Massage towards the heart and never massage varicose veins.

Dry skin brushing Dry skin brushing induces elimination through the skin and encourages the flow of lymph. Using a sisal brush , brush towards the heart in long sweeping strokes. 20-50 brushes for each leg from toes to buttocks; 10-25 strokes for each arm from fingertip to upper chest. Ideally skin brush before taking a salt bath.

Morning: Take 15-20 drops of Milk Thistle Complex, 10-15 drops of Solidago Complex and 10-20 drops of Calendula Complex in a small amount of water or fruit juice before your breakfast. Take 2 Frangula Complex tablets with your breakfast.