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Luxury Spa Retreats.

Retreaters arrive on the Sunday in the morning/mid-afternoon having been picked up by our trusty bus 'Elsie'. After arriving in the house and settling in, there is a debriefing session on how the week will proceed with a discussion on liver cleansing, exercise classes, massages, therapies, and everything you need to know about living together in the beautiful 13th Century property. Guests will complete a health profile before arriving and that will be discussed on a one-to-one basis during the week if there are any obvious health challenges. Guests can be weighed in and out on arrival and leaving if they would like. Blood pressure is taken.

Are you looking for a rejuvenating holiday in Europe this year? One that doesn't break the bank but makes you feel like the queen that youa are?

Detox Retreats | Healing Holidays

Learn about what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle and take it back to your everyday life. Learn how to prepare healthy meals, how to focus your mind with meditation, how to detox your body of all that gunk that daily life clogs us up with.

Something about the French culture makes everything seem luxurious. a regular yoga holiday can easily be turned into a luxurious wellness retreat with daily yoga classes, delivious vegetarian meals, guided meditation sessions, and spa treatments.

Top 10 Juice Fasting Detox Retreats Worldwide

We believe that healthy doesn’t mean bland or boring, quite the opposite. At every retreat, our nutritionist and specialist chef combine to prepare food that is eye-catching and delicious, without sacrificing nutrition.

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Outside, the chateau really flourishes. Only a short walk across the lawn from the house is the salt water swimming pool, lined by lavender, and dotted with sun loungers.