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At Smarmore Castle, near Dublin, we effectively treat people with prescription drug addiction through a prescription drug rehab plan which includes consultant psychiatric care, detox, medical treatment, addiction therapies and complementary therapies, in line with our 12 Step treatment model. If the addiction stemmed from the use of painkillers to treat chronic pain, our chronic pain management programme helps our patients to resume a drug-free life, managing their condition without the use of addictive drugs.

Prescription Drugs Detox Treatment Centers, Timeline & Rehab

Withdrawal Symptoms.


What are the Most Common Medications Used for Drug Detox?

Post Detox Treatment.

At Smarmore Castle, our specialist medical team are highly experienced in helping patients detox from prescription drugs in the utmost safety and comfort. Due to the residential nature of our treatment, patients are able to attend therapeutic activities while simultaneously undergoing detoxification.

Formal prescription drug detoxification programs can help. Here, people have access to medical experts and medical treatments that are designed to reduce suffering and make sobriety just a bit easier to achieve. With this help, people may be able to complete the detoxification process and move forward with treatments that could allow them to stay sober for the rest of their lives. Learning more about how prescription drug detox works may also help to reduce the fears that keep people from participating in these lifesaving programs.