5 ways to detox your body safely and gently.

Focus on upping your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins (like chicken breast and beans) and healthy fats.

Your body detoxes for you.

Bottom line.

Instead of a full-out cleanse, try a healthy clean-eating plan. Cut back on things like salt, sugar, processed foods (which are typically high in sugar and salt) and alcohol.

Even cleanses that include fruits and vegetables, which are the less-restrictive types compared to liquid-only cleanses, will likely be lacking in heart-healthy fats-which the body needs to absorb certain vitamins and to make hormones-and protein, which is necessary for building and maintaining muscle and other body tissues.

Detox Diets - The Safest, Best Way to Detox - Dr Carolyn

Occasionally "re-setting" your diet by cleaning it up can be a helpful reminder of how many times you might be swinging by your coworker's candy jar or eating a few too many slices of bacon. Plus, we all could stand to eat more vegetables.

You may feel the need to cleanse or detox after eating rich and indulgent foods, but it turns out you don't need to at all.

Since most cleanses and detox diets are short term (just a few days) your body should be able to get by. But, long term you're not doing your health any favors and will very likely gain any weight you've lost back when you finish. Instead of putting your body on a rollercoaster, we recommend cutting back on sodium, added sugars and refined grains and focusing on all the healthy nutrient-rich foods you should be eating more of anyway-whole grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.