Top 10 Juice Fasting Detox Retreats in Costa Blanca

This is an excellent beginner’s book for anyone interested in juicing more of these green vegetables. It is extremely helpful for those who are just starting to juice or who want to include more vegetable into the process. The recipes taste great, and many don’t even require a juicer to make. The text is laid out nicely with pictures that can be quite helpful.

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This book contains 350 recipes for juices, tonics, smoothies, and cleansers. Together they cover a wide range of health concerns. Some of the recipes may require hard to find ingredients that you have never heard of, but the more familiar you become with juicing, the more likely you are to try some of these more obscure items.

It’s for you if you love: juice cleansing or have wanted more intel or guidance about doing one.

Step 1: Kick-start your detox with Jason’s bestselling title, 7lbs in 7 Days – a week-long super juice cleanse.

10 Best Juicing and Healthy Juice Recipe Books 2021

This book comes from the same person who created Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Joe Cross is a devoted advocate of juicing. In these pages he will show you the same plan that he used to overcome obesity, bad habits, and poor health. It also includes the success stories of others that have used the same plan.

How do they plan to get you there on their wellness bullet train? Expect a minimum two day pre-cleanse (a menu of clean meals like kale salad for lunch and baked fish for dinner progressively eases you into the cleanse phase), a cleanse phase (three days of six different juice, nut milk, and smoothie recipes like kale-basil and ginger-pear), and a post-cleanse phase (two days of gentle eating guiding you back into a normal diet) outlined in detail.

The 5 Best New Books on Juicing, Cleansing, and Detoxing.